Today was our first hot day and of course I took advantage of it.

Davin and Ande were too hot but it’s still spring in the Rockies so there was…

a bit of winter and…

a bit of summer.

Apparently both are acceptable ways to cool off!

I’ve just started taking a photography course and all these photos were taken on the manual setting. I didn’t fix them up and most of them turned out on the bright and fuzzy side.  Of course I’ve only had one class so far so it can only get better. I hope!


The start of summer was crappy but the end of summer has been beautiful here in the mountains.

There are many trails around these parts.

After work I decided to go for a hike on a quad trail. It was nice and quiet and the scenery was beautiful. But there was one problem. Well not so much of a problem for me but Davin thought otherwise.

Where did the water go?

When it’s dry mud will have to do.

I was feeling sorry for them so after the hike I took them down the road to a water hole for a swim and a clean up.

And while they were cooling off I found a tasty treat!  Wild raspberries are the best!

Water Day

Sshhh…don’t tell but I skipped out of work early today.  It was so hot I needed a water afternoon.

Davin was in complete agreement.  I loaded up the kayaks, sunscreen, bug repellent and various other whatevers.

Finally on Crowsnest Lake.

The bigger the stick the better and there were plenty of sticks to keep this dog happy.

Davin is just along for the ride.  He apparently needs sunglasses for the bright sunny days.

We seen an otter and a beaver but the loon was the only one that stuck around long enough for me to take a photo.

I’m glad I took a water afternoon.

South Castle

Today after work I decided to take the dogs and check out the
Castle Mountain area.  It an awesome place to hike. It’s also the place I go to pick huckleberries.

Shortly after I arrived it started snowing.   Good thing I wore my down filled jacket because not only was it snowing the wind was freezing cold.

I hiked to the South Castle river and there still isn’t too much water flowing. It’s been too cool for the run – off to start in earnest.

The river bank is breaking off in huge chunks.  It made me nervous when the dogs got too close to the edge.  These banks were actually quite high and steep.  I didn’t hang around here for very long.

Instead I found a little creek that Ande could happily splash around in.

And yes that is snow and yes I’m still hiking in it.

This Time Last Year

In my quest to find a place to walk where I don’t need to wear snowshoes I decided to check out a place where a group of us did some dog training this time last year.

This was April 23rd last year.  It was really windy but it was nothing like…

this year.

People are still ice fishing.

The dogs don’t mind at all.  They prefer the snow.

Personally I prefer last year’s weather over…

this year’s.  On the positive side there aren’t any wood ticks here yet.