Under Construction

We have started our yard work.  Or should I say my sister has started the yard work.  Some progress has been made in expanding the yard area for the dogs.  We have been enjoying the warm warm for a few days now.  New equipment had been bought and ready to use.  The yard supervisors were eager to get things going.



Inspecting the equipment

Until today happened.  All things came to a screeching halt due to this.


Snow and more snow!


The equipment is now sitting idle and the supervisors are killing time.



Sunday Stroll

Today I went for a hike in the mountains.  The sun was shining and a breeze was blowing as usual.  A great day for a Sunday stroll with the dogs.  The snow is finally starting to melt away on the higher slopes.  I saw some crocuses in a clearing.  The first flowers of spring.



While I was looking at the flowers and enjoying the scenery, the dogs were finding their own treasures. Yum, yum.


There were piles of bones everywhere.  Much to the their enjoyment.

Then Ande found something way better than old bones.


A muddy little creek. I hope those other two don’t get any ideas!

Thank goodness for blankets in the back seat of the car.


A few hours later after a lot of play we headed back home.

And now the dogs are sleeping. Yahoo!




Ande is my seven year old German Shepherd.  She is a good dog with a few quirks.  She has been involved in rally-O, agility and obedience.  Since she has been a pup I have taught her to do tricks.  I always tell her the reason for teaching her tricks is  that if she decides to run away to the circus they would hire her.  So far she has stuck around and put up with me.

Her favorite things to do are hiking and mountain biking.  Ande’s most favorite thing is water which can mean anything from rolling in mud puddles to kayaking.  When she was a puppy she would try to jump out of the car windows when we drove past any water.  I quickly learned to keep the windows rolled up.  Water is an obsession with her!




Davin is my 4 month old Australian Shepherd.  Right now his is trying to learn manners.  Hardest thing for this puppy.  We are taking puppy lessons and visiting all sorts of people, places and things.  He loves to go hiking with the big dog.  I’m not sure yet what his favorite things are yet besides digging happily in the garden.

Springtime in the Rockies

Today I went hiking.  I was strolling along basking in the long awaited sun and warmth.  I was enjoying the scenery and watching the dogs running around sniffing under the bushes, generally having a really good time.



I was walking in the snow following footprints. Footprints that I thought that I could walk in so I wouldn’t sink in the deepish snow.  After a few meters I took a closer look at the prints. Yikes!


Bear footprints

Come on dogs, we need to hike somewhere else.  I wasn’t ready to give up on the hike just yet.  The day was just too nice.  So we went to a different area.  We are hiking along once again enjoying the beautiful day when what do I see?


More bear prints.  Only this time there were two sets of prints


Davin tracking the bear.


OK, I get the hint.  Time to go home.

PS: I hope that I didn’t pick up a wood tick!

Green Grass?

My Yard

My sister and I bought a new house last fall.  This is my backyard on March 29.  Winter seems to be lasting forever.  I can’t wait till summer so we can start our yard work.    We will be tearing out most of the bushes in order to have more space for the dogs and green grass for us.  Do you think I can keep it green with three dogs and three cats?