Springtime in the Rockies

Today I went hiking.  I was strolling along basking in the long awaited sun and warmth.  I was enjoying the scenery and watching the dogs running around sniffing under the bushes, generally having a really good time.



I was walking in the snow following footprints. Footprints that I thought that I could walk in so I wouldn’t sink in the deepish snow.  After a few meters I took a closer look at the prints. Yikes!


Bear footprints

Come on dogs, we need to hike somewhere else.  I wasn’t ready to give up on the hike just yet.  The day was just too nice.  So we went to a different area.  We are hiking along once again enjoying the beautiful day when what do I see?


More bear prints.  Only this time there were two sets of prints


Davin tracking the bear.


OK, I get the hint.  Time to go home.

PS: I hope that I didn’t pick up a wood tick!