Milk River

Today a group of us went kayaking on the Milk River.  We camped Friday overnight as it is a longish drive from where I live.  The camp ground is on the river and was full for the weekend.  We just sat around relaxing in anticipation of the following day.  I had a crappy sleep last night.  The wind picked up and was rattling the tent and everything else around.  Too much noise for me.  Plus I don’t like sleeping in a tent much, I’d rather sleep out in the open.

This morning after breakfast we drove to our put in point and the fun started.  The river is beautiful.  It was running fairly fast but smooth. It was already +24 degrees in the morning when we started but quickly jumped up to +30.  It was good to be on the water with that heat.  This mountain girl is just not used to that kind of heat!


start point – Weir Bridge


A great day to be on the water


The Hoodoos are something to see.

We seen quite a few deer, some pronghorns , lots of cattle and all kinds of birds. We also got to see a big Bull snake.  I would have liked to have taken a picture of the snake but I was already downstream from it.  I have never seen a snake in the wild that large before.


Lots of Swallows.

After about 20 kilometers we arrived at the take out point.


end point – Deer Bridge

After the heat, the paddling and all the gawking it was nice to head home.  Into a very strong wind of course!

A good day was had by all.


Beginner’s Luck?

On Tuesday a friend and I got together to do some search and rescue training with our dogs.  I have decided to concentrate on tracking with Davin before we start the search part.  I have found that by doing tracking first it really pays off in the long run.  Besides I really enjoy tracking with my dogs.  I’ve tracked extensively with Ande and she has her TD title.  The hardest part for me is learning to read my dog.  I don’t have too much trouble reading other people’s dogs but can have trouble reading my own.  I can always tell a lot of what’s going on with Ande by her tail.  But Davin has no tail so it should be interesting to see how I will learn to read his body language.

I start out with triple laid straight tracks with a person and lots of fun at the end.  Well  I must say that I was quite surprised on how well he did.  I haven’t had a dog start out this strong before.  His head was down for the most part and he was pulling quite hard. I’m kind of wondering if this wasn’t some kind of fluky thing.  I guess I’ll know after I’ve done it for awhile.

The most interesting part of this was the person lying on the ground at the end of the track.  Davin didn’t know what to make of that at all.  It freaked him out until the person said his name.  Come to think of it I don’t think he has seen too many people lying on the ground before.  By the last track he seemed to be better about it.

We did four tracks throughout the evening.  The third track started off well but ended up in a bust because part way through there was a freshly killed bunny just off the track.  That was too much for his little brain.  Fresh meat yum yum.


Beginner’s luck?


Scariness on the ground!

First Swim

On Saturday evening I took the dogs to one of the local lakes.  As I have mentioned before Ande is obsessed with the water and can swim all day.  Davin so far has only waded around the shore line.  He swim accidentally once when he was around three months old when the ground beneath the water fell away suddenly.  Well on Saturday I finally got him excited enough to fetch a stick.


Should I or shouldn’t I?  A lot of deliberation went on here.


The launch


The fetch


On the home stretch.  He was probably relieved at this point even though the stick was only a few feet in front of him.


The big shake…one of many.  He was pretty concerned at one point about having a wet butt.


Hey that’s my stick you’re taking!  After all that work a pup gets no respect around here.

I Like it in Here

I wanted to blog yesterday but when I got home the cable for the TV and internet was out.  It has done this twice now in the last week.  Each time for about 16 hours.  I could do without TV but I’m not sure that I could do without the internet!  Maybe with a good book…

Anyway back to yesterday.

I started a new training class with Davin and yesterday was our first session.  It is a puppy foundation class for agility.  We are also doing stuff based on Crate Games.  It was fun.  Davin seems to do pretty good, but I have a lot to learn.  I have been practicing the Crate Games at home which had an interesting result.


He didn’t want to leave his crate!  Cause why would he, that’s where all the good food was happening!

Apparently I need to be more exciting outside the crate.


I went to Kimberley this weekend.  It was hot and green.  It was so good to see that much green.  That area is always ahead of us when it comes to green grass and leaves on trees.  Then again we are always the last to get leaves on the trees.  I also got burnt to a crisp.  Should have remembered the sun screen!

I came home early enough to take the dogs for a swim.  It is Ande’s favorite thing to do.  Somehow she know’s when she is on the way to the lake and whines all the way.  It is most annoying.


She can do this all day long.

There were also a pair of loons on the lake.  They weren’t bothered at all by us, in fact they swam quite close to where we were.  I would have taken photos of them but I have a crappy camera.


Oh…and Ande really likes to dive.  She usually comes back up with a stick or rock.


The first time I saw her do this I thought she was drowning!

On the way home The dogs were content and quite and stinky wet.

Oh and the kong?  I lost it somewhere on the lake.


It’s hard being part of the rich and famous.  Well maybe not rich and maybe not famous.  But certainly the new kid on the block.  The flashbulbs are popping at all hours of the day.  There is no privacy.  Nothing is safe from the intrusion of the camera.  What measures do  I have to go through to get them off my back?


Maybe if I close my eyes they won’t see me.


or hide behind a bush.  But no that doesn’t work!  They have inside information!

Wait, I know what to do and although it might get me into trouble it’s worth the risk.


Rip the camera out of the paparazzo’s hands and smash it to the ground!

And if all else fails…