It’s hard being part of the rich and famous.  Well maybe not rich and maybe not famous.  But certainly the new kid on the block.  The flashbulbs are popping at all hours of the day.  There is no privacy.  Nothing is safe from the intrusion of the camera.  What measures do  I have to go through to get them off my back?


Maybe if I close my eyes they won’t see me.


or hide behind a bush.  But no that doesn’t work!  They have inside information!

Wait, I know what to do and although it might get me into trouble it’s worth the risk.


Rip the camera out of the paparazzo’s hands and smash it to the ground!

And if all else fails…




2 thoughts on “Paparazzi

  1. I got to meet Davin last night. He is sooo cute. I can understand why the paparazzi won’t leave him alone.

    PS. I am glad to see that Ande and Davin have a blog.

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