I went to Kimberley this weekend.  It was hot and green.  It was so good to see that much green.  That area is always ahead of us when it comes to green grass and leaves on trees.  Then again we are always the last to get leaves on the trees.  I also got burnt to a crisp.  Should have remembered the sun screen!

I came home early enough to take the dogs for a swim.  It is Ande’s favorite thing to do.  Somehow she know’s when she is on the way to the lake and whines all the way.  It is most annoying.


She can do this all day long.

There were also a pair of loons on the lake.  They weren’t bothered at all by us, in fact they swam quite close to where we were.  I would have taken photos of them but I have a crappy camera.


Oh…and Ande really likes to dive.  She usually comes back up with a stick or rock.


The first time I saw her do this I thought she was drowning!

On the way home The dogs were content and quite and stinky wet.

Oh and the kong?  I lost it somewhere on the lake.


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