I Like it in Here

I wanted to blog yesterday but when I got home the cable for the TV and internet was out.  It has done this twice now in the last week.  Each time for about 16 hours.  I could do without TV but I’m not sure that I could do without the internet!  Maybe with a good book…

Anyway back to yesterday.

I started a new training class with Davin and yesterday was our first session.  It is a puppy foundation class for agility.  We are also doing stuff based on Crate Games.  It was fun.  Davin seems to do pretty good, but I have a lot to learn.  I have been practicing the Crate Games at home which had an interesting result.


He didn’t want to leave his crate!  Cause why would he, that’s where all the good food was happening!

Apparently I need to be more exciting outside the crate.


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