Milk River

Today a group of us went kayaking on the Milk River.  We camped Friday overnight as it is a longish drive from where I live.  The camp ground is on the river and was full for the weekend.  We just sat around relaxing in anticipation of the following day.  I had a crappy sleep last night.  The wind picked up and was rattling the tent and everything else around.  Too much noise for me.  Plus I don’t like sleeping in a tent much, I’d rather sleep out in the open.

This morning after breakfast we drove to our put in point and the fun started.  The river is beautiful.  It was running fairly fast but smooth. It was already +24 degrees in the morning when we started but quickly jumped up to +30.  It was good to be on the water with that heat.  This mountain girl is just not used to that kind of heat!


start point – Weir Bridge


A great day to be on the water


The Hoodoos are something to see.

We seen quite a few deer, some pronghorns , lots of cattle and all kinds of birds. We also got to see a big Bull snake.  I would have liked to have taken a picture of the snake but I was already downstream from it.  I have never seen a snake in the wild that large before.


Lots of Swallows.

After about 20 kilometers we arrived at the take out point.


end point – Deer Bridge

After the heat, the paddling and all the gawking it was nice to head home.  Into a very strong wind of course!

A good day was had by all.


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