New Lawn

I’m excited !  We finally received our sod and now have a instant green lawn.  Well not quite instant but much faster then trying to grow the stuff from scratch.  Our neighbor was nice enough and volunteered  to help my sister for a few hours and I recruited a co-worker to help as well.  I actually wasn’t around for the laying of the sod. I had to be out of town.


The start of instant lawn.


The neighbor’s dogs came over to check things out but they were bored.

They wanted to play fetch.


The neighbor’s cat came over as well.

Just what are those humans doing covering up all that fine dirt!


How nice to finally have a lawn.  Hopefully we can keep it alive because now the weather will probably get hot and stay hot for weeks on end.


The supervisors approve of a job well done!

Now I  have room to do obedience training and some agility in the yard.

The next project is the electrical inside the house.  The inside walls are coming down.  Oh joy…


Work and More Work

We have been working on our yard for a while now.  Progress is being made and hopefully the majority of it will be done soon.  We are now in the process of trying to level the yard out.  We ordered sod because I think that with three dogs it would take a long time for the grass to grow successfully.  Besides dirt and dogs don’t mix especially when water is added!


The rocks that we had to dig out of the yard before anything could be done.

Oh and they are free to take.


After the rocks and bushes were removed

Please don’t rain!


Quit slacking!  So says supervisor #2.


Piles of dirt being moved in order to level the yard.



Thanks for making me a cool place to lay.  Says supervisor #1.


Now if you could just get rid of the bazillion mosquitoes!

Yum Yum Grass

Maybe it’s because Davin is a winter born pup or maybe it’s because he is a vegetarian at heart.

Most of his training had been indoors because of the weather in the winter here is usually cold, windy and snowy.  Now that it has been moved outdoors we have run into a slight problem.

He has discovered grass.

When we first started tracking, one of the first things we did to motivate him and give him an idea of what we wanted were run aways with the person laying down at the end.  Davin was pretty pumped and thought this was a great game.  He would take off like a shot after the person only to stop dead at a juicy clump of grass. Everything forgotten.  Even his own name.  He would then start chowing down on the grass like it was the best treat in the world!  I would literally have to pull him away.

Even when we are hiking I have to make sure he is following along and not stopping to graze and graze and graze.  Otherwise I don’t think that he would even notice me missing.

Ande also eats grass as most dogs do but not with the same enthusiasm.


It has since gotten a little better. But I’m thinking that he is a salad boy.


Yum yum!

I’m hoping he will embrace his inner carnivore soon.

The Ear

Whenever I do obedience work with Davin one ear stands up.


You want me to do what?

As he decides whether or not to do what I’ve asked.


Did I hear you right?

As he offers many behaviours hoping to get the treat.


Speak up!

Maybe if I pretend not to hear she’ll give up and let me go and do my own thing.


But we persevere and when we’re done the ear falls back into place and all is well.

Fashion Sense

I have owned dogs for many years but somehow missed the lessons about fashion sense.  Oh I’ve heard people talk about collars and leashes.  I’ve even read about such things on other blogs.  Whether they were purchased online, from a dog show or various stores.  I’ve heard talk of different brands of dog accessories.  Usually this topic is discussed with great interest and enthusiasm.  Nice collar! Is that a “insert brand name here”?

Now I’ve never given much thought about this before.  Any old collar and leash would do.  Usually the only time I pay attention to these things are when they break, which always happens at inopportune times.

Lately other people have been noticing what I apparently don’t.  Things were being said.  I’m sure people were looking at Davin and whispering, pity in their eyes.  Well maybe not.  But yes the matter was brought to my attention several times.  It’s always good for a laugh though.


I guess he does kind of have a Christmas tree look about him.  But hey the stuff was cheap.

Alas I have a friend that’s been helping me socialize Davin.  He has sleepovers at her house and then she takes him to daycare the next day for me.

She knew desperate action needed to be taken.


When I went and picked up Davin the next day, he was a changed dog.  I hardly recognized him with his new clothes!

I must admit he does look good.

Thanks Amanda!

Can you see it?

One day I got a phone call at work.  This is the story as my brother tells it.

I had decided to go out and start working on the flower beds beside the house. I believe it was springtime, maybe early June. I remember it was a nice sunny day. I went around grabbed the shovel and started digging. I was going along ok and then I hit something in the dirt. I kind of cleaned it off a bit and then jumped back. to my surprise it was an animal. Or what I thought was an animal. It was about the size of a hedgehog and I was not sure what it was. I poked it a couple of times with the shovel to see if it was alive. There was no response, I went into the house and phoned my sister who was at work and told her there was some kind of strange animal in the garden. I went out to look at it again, but just could not figure out what it was. When she came home she went and had a look at it. She grab the shovel and began digging it out and then started laughing. I didn’t think it was so funny. She bent down and grabbed the strange creature. Here it was a stuffed animal that Ande had buried in garden. Mystery solved.

Ande at times can spend alot of time burying various things like stuffed toys, slippers, shoes.  She will wander around the house or the yard looking for the perfect spot.  Sometimes after carefully burying the item she realizes others are watching and just might steal it.  So she’ll start the whole process again.


Trying to find the perfect spot.


I think this could finally be it.


Ahh…at last…perfectly hidden.  Can you see it?