Can you see it?

One day I got a phone call at work.  This is the story as my brother tells it.

I had decided to go out and start working on the flower beds beside the house. I believe it was springtime, maybe early June. I remember it was a nice sunny day. I went around grabbed the shovel and started digging. I was going along ok and then I hit something in the dirt. I kind of cleaned it off a bit and then jumped back. to my surprise it was an animal. Or what I thought was an animal. It was about the size of a hedgehog and I was not sure what it was. I poked it a couple of times with the shovel to see if it was alive. There was no response, I went into the house and phoned my sister who was at work and told her there was some kind of strange animal in the garden. I went out to look at it again, but just could not figure out what it was. When she came home she went and had a look at it. She grab the shovel and began digging it out and then started laughing. I didn’t think it was so funny. She bent down and grabbed the strange creature. Here it was a stuffed animal that Ande had buried in garden. Mystery solved.

Ande at times can spend alot of time burying various things like stuffed toys, slippers, shoes.  She will wander around the house or the yard looking for the perfect spot.  Sometimes after carefully burying the item she realizes others are watching and just might steal it.  So she’ll start the whole process again.


Trying to find the perfect spot.


I think this could finally be it.


Ahh…at last…perfectly hidden.  Can you see it?


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