Fashion Sense

I have owned dogs for many years but somehow missed the lessons about fashion sense.  Oh I’ve heard people talk about collars and leashes.  I’ve even read about such things on other blogs.  Whether they were purchased online, from a dog show or various stores.  I’ve heard talk of different brands of dog accessories.  Usually this topic is discussed with great interest and enthusiasm.  Nice collar! Is that a “insert brand name here”?

Now I’ve never given much thought about this before.  Any old collar and leash would do.  Usually the only time I pay attention to these things are when they break, which always happens at inopportune times.

Lately other people have been noticing what I apparently don’t.  Things were being said.  I’m sure people were looking at Davin and whispering, pity in their eyes.  Well maybe not.  But yes the matter was brought to my attention several times.  It’s always good for a laugh though.


I guess he does kind of have a Christmas tree look about him.  But hey the stuff was cheap.

Alas I have a friend that’s been helping me socialize Davin.  He has sleepovers at her house and then she takes him to daycare the next day for me.

She knew desperate action needed to be taken.


When I went and picked up Davin the next day, he was a changed dog.  I hardly recognized him with his new clothes!

I must admit he does look good.

Thanks Amanda!


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