Yum Yum Grass

Maybe it’s because Davin is a winter born pup or maybe it’s because he is a vegetarian at heart.

Most of his training had been indoors because of the weather in the winter here is usually cold, windy and snowy.  Now that it has been moved outdoors we have run into a slight problem.

He has discovered grass.

When we first started tracking, one of the first things we did to motivate him and give him an idea of what we wanted were run aways with the person laying down at the end.  Davin was pretty pumped and thought this was a great game.  He would take off like a shot after the person only to stop dead at a juicy clump of grass. Everything forgotten.  Even his own name.  He would then start chowing down on the grass like it was the best treat in the world!  I would literally have to pull him away.

Even when we are hiking I have to make sure he is following along and not stopping to graze and graze and graze.  Otherwise I don’t think that he would even notice me missing.

Ande also eats grass as most dogs do but not with the same enthusiasm.


It has since gotten a little better. But I’m thinking that he is a salad boy.


Yum yum!

I’m hoping he will embrace his inner carnivore soon.


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