Work and More Work

We have been working on our yard for a while now.  Progress is being made and hopefully the majority of it will be done soon.  We are now in the process of trying to level the yard out.  We ordered sod because I think that with three dogs it would take a long time for the grass to grow successfully.  Besides dirt and dogs don’t mix especially when water is added!


The rocks that we had to dig out of the yard before anything could be done.

Oh and they are free to take.


After the rocks and bushes were removed

Please don’t rain!


Quit slacking!  So says supervisor #2.


Piles of dirt being moved in order to level the yard.



Thanks for making me a cool place to lay.  Says supervisor #1.


Now if you could just get rid of the bazillion mosquitoes!


2 thoughts on “Work and More Work

  1. No sod just a big mudhole. We have to wait for it. Yippie…dirty, dirty dogs. And there’s lots of fresh snow on the mountains.

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