New Lawn

I’m excited !  We finally received our sod and now have a instant green lawn.  Well not quite instant but much faster then trying to grow the stuff from scratch.  Our neighbor was nice enough and volunteered  to help my sister for a few hours and I recruited a co-worker to help as well.  I actually wasn’t around for the laying of the sod. I had to be out of town.


The start of instant lawn.


The neighbor’s dogs came over to check things out but they were bored.

They wanted to play fetch.


The neighbor’s cat came over as well.

Just what are those humans doing covering up all that fine dirt!


How nice to finally have a lawn.  Hopefully we can keep it alive because now the weather will probably get hot and stay hot for weeks on end.


The supervisors approve of a job well done!

Now I  have room to do obedience training and some agility in the yard.

The next project is the electrical inside the house.  The inside walls are coming down.  Oh joy…


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