Water Fountains

Today was Canada Day and I actually had the day off.  It was the first Canada Day I have had off in I don’t know how long.  I decided that I would just stay home and do some yard work and play with the dogs.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The new sod needs to be watered alot.  It just so happens my dogs really like the hose much to our annoyance at times.


They love it when I turn on the hose and today was no exception.


A cool drink on a hot day or another way to floss your teeth.


By now I’m as wet as the dogs.


When the hose gets put away there’s always the sprinkler.


I hope the watering equipment survives the summer!

Happy Canada Day!


2 thoughts on “Water Fountains

  1. too funny! my guys love that too – I hope your sprinkler fairs better than mine did last summer, Gyp destroyed ours that was like that!

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