Maiden Voyage

My car needs some work done on it so I can’t take a chance on travelling very far.  But that’s OK on a nice weekend like this one.  Within an hour drive there are about 8 lakes.  So a few of us decided to take the kayaks out for a cruise.  In the morning we went to a lake where I could take the dogs.  I knew that there would be very few people at this lake.  I have been wanting to teach Davin about kayaks and “how not to dump me into the water”.


At first he just wanted to swim. But I knew that wouldn’t last long.


After many attempts and me ending up getting wetter then the dog he finally got the hang of it.


Ande is too big for the kayak.  She just swims most of the time going to the shore when she wants a break.  By the end of summer she is in great shape.

Davin was doing a lot a shivering.  I’m not sure if he was cold, excited or if I had traumatized him.  So we went back to the lake today and he was excited on the drive there. He hopped into the boat like he had been doing it for a while.  I guess I didn’t scare him too much.


Why are you doing all that work swimming when you could have your own personal chauffeur lowly German Shepherd?


By the end of the day he was getting pretty confident with his new found skill.

Now if i can teach him to ride on the back instead of in the cockpit I would stay alot drier.


Heading home..sigh.


2 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

  1. that is so AWESOME! we took Gyp and jane in the canoe this weekend, I would love to try and kayak, i might have to have you give me a lesson! Andi and Kaleb have the same approach too I see 🙂

  2. go davin! I am glad he didn’t get weird about it.

    So- Ande will be skinny again just in time to get fat over winter…I think you need a new diet plan for her….

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