Learning Curve

Tonight I had a puppy agility foundation class (did I say that right?).  I have been having alot of fun at these classes.  But it has been a big learning curve for me.  Training in agility has changed alot since I first got into dog stuff.  In fact it is all new to me.  I am really enjoying the way it is taught now.  I find that it teaches much more then just agility.  Within agility are skills and controls that the dog learns that cross over to everyday life.

I’m pretty sure agility is a bigger learning curve for me then for the dog.  I’ve had to learn to check my frustration at the door and learn to be patient. Well I think that I will always be learning that one.


Sometimes when I am trying to teach a skill I wonder if Davin is understanding what I want, am I being clear or just confusing him.  What is my body language telling him?  This is where I am thankful for my instructors.  They certainly will tell me!

And of course here is the handling of the leash, a clicker, treats and maybe a toy or two.  I just wonder when my two left feet and three right hands will finally co-ordinate!


The ear

Thanks Amanda for the photos!


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