Davin about three months ago.

I am often asked about how I picked Davin’s name.  I usually have a hard time picking names for animals.  Most times if I hear I name that I like I store it away in the back of my mind.  The trouble is the name gets lost in there somewhere.  I’ve really only think about girl suitable names as all but one dog has been a girl.  My next dog was going to be a girl as well.

Well it didn’t work out that way.  I ended up picking out a boy dog.  Oh oh can I just call him puppy?  Would I have to change it to doggy when he got older?  Would that just confuse him.  I’m sure it would confuse me!  I guess not.  So the hunt was on for a name.  Wow, I really don’t like picking names.  I would ask people for suggestions and they would come up with some great ideas but nothing was sitting right for me.

Finally I was talking to my co-worker who told me about a “random name generator” that I could use on the computer.  I think it was in about five minutes that “Davin” came up.  I found it to be an interesting name and so added it to my meager list.  After thinking about the different names I picked out for a few weeks, “Davin” was the one that kept coming up.  So that’s how he ended up with his name.


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