lst class

Tonight was Davin’s last puppy agility class.  We have learned a lot in this class.  I have learned that I still have two left feet, need to move faster and need to be more fun than the instructor.  Ah the joys of learning about yourself.  I am sad that this class has ended. I really enjoyed my fellow trainers and their pups.

Davin has come a long way from the beginning.  But I noticed tonight I had a harder time getting his nose off the ground.  I will need to work him more outdoors and in different places.  I also think that his boyhood is kicking in more.  It’s great that I can practice agility with minimal equipment and people to show me how to do it.

In about three weeks we will start with group training again.  This time the class will be Team Building 101.  We will still do puppy stuff since Davin is still fairly young.  I can’t wait to get started again because the days are already getting shorter!  I would be happy with summer all year round.

Well I better get training so we can keep up with the big dogs!


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