Run, Maybe Not

I took Davin out again today to socialize with the hoards.  He was way more relaxed about it today.   Inside of shying away he was trying to investigate everything passing by him.  I was pretty happy with that.

The parade today was most amazing.  It lasted for almost an hour.  Pretty good for a small town.  The crowds were even more amazing.  It took me 20 mins to get home.  I left the dogs at home as I didn’t want to overwhelm them with the noise.  Also it was extremely hot out today.

This evening was the fireworks (Thunder in the Valley).  I didn’t go because by this time I had enough of the crowds plus the drive home would be a nightmare.  But I went in the early evening to check things out.  All I can say is wow!


Campers that go on for miles.


I could live in this one all year long.

I think that our dog club should fund raise for a motor home like this.  What a great way for a group to travel!


People that go on for miles.

Going to the fireworks four hours before the show in order to get the best location for viewing.

The most interesting sight I saw was a guy riding a mountain bike with a large case of beer on his lap and a black lab type dog tied to the bike with a rope running beside him.  Now that is multi tasking!


2 thoughts on “Run, Maybe Not

  1. i have to go one year!

    the guy on the bike, sounds like something pete would do – are you sure it wasn’t him and Kaleb 🙂

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