Where I Live


I really like where I live.  Except I have to travel a lot for dog training, shopping, appointments, etc.  People are usually surprised when they find out where I live and how long it takes me to get to the city for the various stuff I need to do.  Good thing I don’t mind driving all that much.  The only draw back is winter.  Which seems to be pretty much three quarters of the year.  The winter weather can be fairly unpredictable  around these parts.  I can leave for the city with the sun shining and drive home in a raging blizzard.  Not fun.  But I still like where I live.


My house is down there.


I can just step out my door and in a few minutes walk my dogs in the forest. Rarely do I run into anyone else.


I do have to keep an eye out for wildlife such as coyotes, moose, bears, wolves and the odd mad deer.  Who knows what could be peering at you in the bushes.


Sometimes it’s only the dog.


Agility and Other Things

I think this will be my first blog post without pictures.  My car was broken into and my camera was stolen along with my ipod and various other things.  It was the first time I have ever left these things in the car.  I just happened to forget them that night and wouldn’t you know it.  I think that I live in the hood.  A lot of vandalism seems to happen around here.  Maybe Ande should start sleeping in the car at night.

I was pleased with Davin at agility tonight.  Maybe it is beginners luck.  We did the table first and he did it without any problems.  The first time he was introduced to the table he was petrified stiff. I couldn’t convince him to move at all once on it.  Then we did some work with the tire.  He jumped through it without any coaxing and without any avoiding it.  It was the same for the sequence of three jumps. Although I still need to do a lot of work with the nose touches. He still tends to do what I call “drive by” nose touches.

His incessant sniffing was driving me crazy.  Every time he caught sight of Pixel he would lose all focus on the task at hand.  I think he is in love but alas it is only one sided.  Then he discovered Gyp when she was being a demo dog and Davin fell in love again.  I had to drag him away to a different spot so I could try to get him to refocus once again.  I’m so glad he is getting neutered tomorrow. There is way too much love happening where ever I take him.


I thought that I was in serious trouble when I found out this kind of criminal activity was going on when I wasn’t looking.


Stop!  that’s illegal!


Oh no too late…the dirty deed has been done.


How long before the mattress police show up?

mattress tag

I read the tag a little closer and now can come out of hiding.

Davin is a consumer… a consumer of tags that is.

The Bridge

On Sunday I went to Lethbridge to kayak the Oldman River.  Each year a local kayak store hosts a customer appreciation paddle and barbeque.  This year they got together about 100 kayakers and rafters to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Lethbridge Viaduct or more commonly known as the High Level Bridge.  The bridge was completed in August 1909.  The steel for the bridge came from Walkerville, Ontario.  It is apparently the largest railway structure in Canada.  It is the longest bridge of this type in Canada.


The start of the trip was no fun at all.  We no sooner got into the water and the storm rolled in with a vengeance.  It’s not my idea of a good time when I have to paddle going downstream.  The wind was really strong with a driving heavy rain.  It felt like the waves were 10 feet high.  i was glad that it only lasted about 20 minutes.  My hands were frozen stiff.  Then the sun returned and all was good again.


It was quite the sight to see all these paddlers.


I see the bridge all the time from the highway but this is a great perspective.


This tree is very large.  I wonder if has been there since the flood of 1995.


This is one very large bridge.  I clearly remember as a kid travelling across Canada in a train.  We went over this bridge and I was terrified the whole time thinking that the train would fall over the edge.  There are no railings and I could see straight down when I dared look over the side.  I feel way more comfortable looking up at it instead of looking down from it.  Of course back then I didn’t know how famous it was.


I love looking at the shoreline when I am kayaking.  There is so much to see and it is constantly changing.  The trip was very enjoyable (after the storm) and I hope to do it again next year.

Are You Ready?

The last month or so it has been raining almost everyday.  It has been very cool as well.  In fact on Thursday I was so cold I put on my down filled jacket.  I just needed to warm up.  This morning I woke up to the usual dreary day and looked out my living room window.


I must be hallucinating. Maybe I should have a coffee and put my glasses on.


I guess I wasn’t seeing things.  It’s way too early to be seeing this stuff.


I think that I will just close the blinds and go back to bed.

Nail Cutting

Cutting doggy nails has always been easy for me until Davin. For some reason he has taken exception to it. Why? I don’t really know.  Nail cutting time goes something like this…


You said what?


When I close my eyes you don’t exist.


Oh No!  I did hear right.


The weapon! Somebody save me!


Many contortions later…


He finally wears me down and I need to call in reinforcements.  Another person and a cookie.

I’m hoping someday he won’t see this as a life threatening event.

A Day Off

This weekend is a long weekend but for me today is my only day off.  The work week was a week from I’m not sure where.  I had to work late every night but I made it through to start into a new week.  So I decided that I would pack up the dogs and boats and head to the lake.

It was cooler today and quite windy and the traffic was non stop on the highway.  We also haven’t had much of a summer this year.  I don’t think that I’ve seen so many fierce thunder storms as we have had this summer.

Davin is now very excited about kayaking.  Today he figured out how to ride on the back of the boat.  I’m sure he discovered it quite by accident.  It works much better for me as I stay much drier.  There is nothing like a soaking wet dog sitting in your lap for hours.


I’ve heard that patience is a virtue.  Davin is not very virtuous.


Much nicer for me.  I was mostly dry for most of the day.

Although balance can sometimes be an issue.  I almost went into the lake a few times!


One of his many chosen positions.


A lake with a view.

Davin discovered the handles that are at each end of the boat.  When he was swimming he would grab on to one and start towing me towards the shore.  He seemed to realize that if he did that he could then climb up and hitch a ride.