A Day Off

This weekend is a long weekend but for me today is my only day off.  The work week was a week from I’m not sure where.  I had to work late every night but I made it through to start into a new week.  So I decided that I would pack up the dogs and boats and head to the lake.

It was cooler today and quite windy and the traffic was non stop on the highway.  We also haven’t had much of a summer this year.  I don’t think that I’ve seen so many fierce thunder storms as we have had this summer.

Davin is now very excited about kayaking.  Today he figured out how to ride on the back of the boat.  I’m sure he discovered it quite by accident.  It works much better for me as I stay much drier.  There is nothing like a soaking wet dog sitting in your lap for hours.


I’ve heard that patience is a virtue.  Davin is not very virtuous.


Much nicer for me.  I was mostly dry for most of the day.

Although balance can sometimes be an issue.  I almost went into the lake a few times!


One of his many chosen positions.


A lake with a view.

Davin discovered the handles that are at each end of the boat.  When he was swimming he would grab on to one and start towing me towards the shore.  He seemed to realize that if he did that he could then climb up and hitch a ride.


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