Agility and Other Things

I think this will be my first blog post without pictures.  My car was broken into and my camera was stolen along with my ipod and various other things.  It was the first time I have ever left these things in the car.  I just happened to forget them that night and wouldn’t you know it.  I think that I live in the hood.  A lot of vandalism seems to happen around here.  Maybe Ande should start sleeping in the car at night.

I was pleased with Davin at agility tonight.  Maybe it is beginners luck.  We did the table first and he did it without any problems.  The first time he was introduced to the table he was petrified stiff. I couldn’t convince him to move at all once on it.  Then we did some work with the tire.  He jumped through it without any coaxing and without any avoiding it.  It was the same for the sequence of three jumps. Although I still need to do a lot of work with the nose touches. He still tends to do what I call “drive by” nose touches.

His incessant sniffing was driving me crazy.  Every time he caught sight of Pixel he would lose all focus on the task at hand.  I think he is in love but alas it is only one sided.  Then he discovered Gyp when she was being a demo dog and Davin fell in love again.  I had to drag him away to a different spot so I could try to get him to refocus once again.  I’m so glad he is getting neutered tomorrow. There is way too much love happening where ever I take him.


3 thoughts on “Agility and Other Things

  1. He did great! I hope all goes well with the “Tutoring”, just tell him that 🙂

    Gyppie thinks he is rather cute too :

    Sorry to hear about your iPod and Camera, that is exactly what those thieving buggers are after. I had my car broken into and all that was taken was change – at the time I had CDs in there, and the cops said those aren’t worth anything to the (usual teens) who are doing this, they want phones iPods and cameras etc

  2. he did really well!!! he is totally growing into his brain. it will be much better without the extra parts!

    that really sucks about your car being broken into…people suck.

  3. I can hardly wait for Kort’s “tutouring”!!!! But, I have to wait until he’s a champion, so I have to deal with all the “love” , in Kort’s class he loves the golden!!, he’s into blonds!
    Sorry to hear about the break in, my van was broken into twice, they took dumb things like change, note pad, tapes, who uses tapes anymore anyway! It sucks for sure, no matter what they take……

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