Where I Live


I really like where I live.  Except I have to travel a lot for dog training, shopping, appointments, etc.  People are usually surprised when they find out where I live and how long it takes me to get to the city for the various stuff I need to do.  Good thing I don’t mind driving all that much.  The only draw back is winter.  Which seems to be pretty much three quarters of the year.  The winter weather can be fairly unpredictable  around these parts.  I can leave for the city with the sun shining and drive home in a raging blizzard.  Not fun.  But I still like where I live.


My house is down there.


I can just step out my door and in a few minutes walk my dogs in the forest. Rarely do I run into anyone else.


I do have to keep an eye out for wildlife such as coyotes, moose, bears, wolves and the odd mad deer.  Who knows what could be peering at you in the bushes.


Sometimes it’s only the dog.


3 thoughts on “Where I Live

  1. Great pictures, I love seeing how Davin is doing as he grows up and what a wonderful home he has, his mom ( Zip) will be proud LOL

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