Davin loves  food… human food that is.   Nothing is safe if it is within his reach.  It doesn’t matter about the consequences, the food is apparently worth it.  He will take every opportunity to sneak it.


Sometimes my sister eats while she is at the computer.  Sometimes it’s something irresistible.  Davin going into stealth mode.


Beware of the dog under the computer desk.


Squeeze….good thing his nose isn’t any longer or that food would be gone before she knew what happened!


The Last Trip?

On the weekend I decided to go kayaking on Crowsnest Lake.  The day was beautiful on Saturday but a little windy.  This lake can be quite windy and therefore wavy but I thought that I would give it a try anyway.  Who knows this could be my last trip of the season.


The day started off quite nice.  The dogs were anxious to get going.


In this part of the country the leaves mostly turn yellow in the fall so it’s nice to see some other colors.


I was mostly sticking to the coves along the lake as the middle of the lake was getting rougher.

This is what I found in one of the coves. There are several old cabins in this area.  Now I am curious and will try to find out why they are here.  There used to be an old Chinese camp somewhere around here.  The Chinese were part of the railway building through this area. I’m not sure if this would be part of that or maybe old trapper’s cabins.  Hmm…a mystery to explore.


As we headed out of the last cove, the wind was really starting to howl and the waves were really getting high.  I tried to round this point but the waves were trying to slam me into the shore and I wasn’t making any headway.  Also trying to balance between the waves and Davin on the back of the kayak it’s a wonder that I even stayed upright. I don’t want to work this work at it and besides it was getting somewhat risky.  Crowsnest Lake is not a lake to fool around with and by this time even the coves had become rough so I turned around but at least I was riding the waves on the way back.

Of course I was thinking about the sea monster that surely must be in this lake when a head popped up beside my boat.  And like the girl that I am I screeched.   I have to check this out but I’m pretty sure it was an Otter.  He kept popping up close to the boat and checking things out.  I couldn’t get a picture because of the waves.  At one point I heard some loud chirping and so looked behind me and there was a family of Otters all bobbing in the water looking at me.  It was so cool…I’ve never seen Otters in the wild before.


Crowsnest Mountain

I was wet and frozen by the time I got back but the trip was worth it because of the things I had seen.

The Shepherd Within

On Sunday I took the dogs to a friend’s ranch for a visit. They love going to this place.  There are a million smells with room to run at their hearts content.  My friend has a German Shepherd who is related to mine.  So Davin got to hang out with two shepherds. I have been sensing an identity crisis coming on for sometime now.


The host dog Ryder.  Davin is in love with him.


Ryder watching the city dogs run around checking things out.  They’re acting like, well…city dogs.


Of course what’s a ranch experience without the spa.  Oops I mean swamp.  And that water was muddy!


Then of course there’s always the touristy photo op to prove you were here.


But then I knew that I had stayed too long.  The ear is up, he is starting to lose control of who he really is.


Free, free at last to be a shepherd, a German Shepherd.

I wonder if I should break it to him gently that he is an Australian Shepherd?

Agility in the Mountains

This weekend I went to visit my mom and there was an agility trial going on in the town she lives in.  Since I had friends entered I decided to go and watch some of the action.  Well of course what’s action without photos.  My camera had been stolen so I borrowed a point and shoot.  Hmmm…


Is half a dog better than no dog?

This is Sarah’s dog Kaleb. And yes he does have a front half!


In between the time I press the button and the actual photo is snapped the run is over.


Then I tried an obstacle where I could follow the dog with the camera.  Well at least I finally see a whole dog.

This is Amanda’s dog Boone.


Ah…finally some success.

This is Amanda’s dog Wicca.

But by this time I was too frustrated to take anymore photos.  So I just sat back and enjoyed the action.

It was find to watch the dogs run and the Go Dog Go dogs did fantastic. I hope someday I will be able to compete.

I will be ordering a new camera but of course that doesn’t mean the photos will be any better.

Nine Months

Today Davin is nine months old.  Time flies by fast.  Although I have to remember that he is only nine months old when he is doing agility.  He tends to look older than he is.   I’m not sure but I think he is one of the younger dogs in his class.

I am happy with how he is progressing.  He is gaining more confidence with the equipment. In fact it doesn’t seem to bother him at all right now.  I think that he enjoys crashing the teeter.  His jumping sucks right now.  It will be something that I will have to work on.


Davin as a wee puppy not that long ago.


Soft and fluffy.


He kind of looks like a teenager here. Dirty tongue and all.


Eight months old.

Berry Eating Dog

This weekend I decided to take advantage of the one nice day we had to go berry picking.  The area I go to is quite rugged so I took only one dog.  I know that Ande would respond instantly to whatever I asked her to do.  I knew that since it was the last long weekend there would be lots of people around.  It is also an area where there is a good chance of meeting up with a bear.  Which thankfully that didn’t happen.


Rainy Ridge in the Middle Kootenay Pass.


Besides berry picking in the fall this is a great place to hike and explore.


We drove up to the start of this trail.   You can four by four or quad up this trail but we decided to walk up.  There were so many berries we didn’t have to go very far.


Ande was bored at the beginning of the day.  We just weren’t moving fast enough.  Then she discovered the berries.


I had to keep chasing her out of my berry patches.  Of course she would go for the fat juicy ones.


Where’s the bleach?


Huckleberry pie anyone?

Oh and I won’t post a picture of the snow on the mountains we woke up to this morning …


I don’t often get to paddle on Crowsnest Lake. The lake is only about eight minutes from where I live.  It is normally very windy here and this lake gets a lot of wave action.  Good for wind surfers, bad for kayakers like myself who don’t enjoy big waves.  But a day finally arrived where it was calm and I wasn’t working.  This is what makes me calm.


A perfect day.


The dogs thought so too.  But then again any day in the water for them is a perfect day!


The old powerhouse.


When Davin is swimming I stay close to shore in case he needs a rest. That usually means climbing onto the kayak.  I need to be close to shore in case he dumps me. This lake is very cold.


The lake is considered bottomless by some. It is very deep and because of that I sometimes wonder if there is a sea monster in it.  In one spot there is a train that had derailed way back when.  There are a few tales about how the train was carrying a car load full of booze.  Divers come from all over to this lake.  Some in search of the train.  The train has been found but I don’t think any liquor was.

At least not that anyone is saying.