I don’t often get to paddle on Crowsnest Lake. The lake is only about eight minutes from where I live.  It is normally very windy here and this lake gets a lot of wave action.  Good for wind surfers, bad for kayakers like myself who don’t enjoy big waves.  But a day finally arrived where it was calm and I wasn’t working.  This is what makes me calm.


A perfect day.


The dogs thought so too.  But then again any day in the water for them is a perfect day!


The old powerhouse.


When Davin is swimming I stay close to shore in case he needs a rest. That usually means climbing onto the kayak.  I need to be close to shore in case he dumps me. This lake is very cold.


The lake is considered bottomless by some. It is very deep and because of that I sometimes wonder if there is a sea monster in it.  In one spot there is a train that had derailed way back when.  There are a few tales about how the train was carrying a car load full of booze.  Divers come from all over to this lake.  Some in search of the train.  The train has been found but I don’t think any liquor was.

At least not that anyone is saying.


2 thoughts on “Calm

  1. beautiful photo michelle!!

    and how brave of you to kayak on that lake!

    I remember when I was a kid and living there people would tell stories about the monster that lives there….

    i’d be scared. maybe that’s why davin likes to stay close to shore! he’s got common sense!

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