Berry Eating Dog

This weekend I decided to take advantage of the one nice day we had to go berry picking.  The area I go to is quite rugged so I took only one dog.  I know that Ande would respond instantly to whatever I asked her to do.  I knew that since it was the last long weekend there would be lots of people around.  It is also an area where there is a good chance of meeting up with a bear.  Which thankfully that didn’t happen.


Rainy Ridge in the Middle Kootenay Pass.


Besides berry picking in the fall this is a great place to hike and explore.


We drove up to the start of this trail.   You can four by four or quad up this trail but we decided to walk up.  There were so many berries we didn’t have to go very far.


Ande was bored at the beginning of the day.  We just weren’t moving fast enough.  Then she discovered the berries.


I had to keep chasing her out of my berry patches.  Of course she would go for the fat juicy ones.


Where’s the bleach?


Huckleberry pie anyone?

Oh and I won’t post a picture of the snow on the mountains we woke up to this morning …


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