Agility in the Mountains

This weekend I went to visit my mom and there was an agility trial going on in the town she lives in.  Since I had friends entered I decided to go and watch some of the action.  Well of course what’s action without photos.  My camera had been stolen so I borrowed a point and shoot.  Hmmm…


Is half a dog better than no dog?

This is Sarah’s dog Kaleb. And yes he does have a front half!


In between the time I press the button and the actual photo is snapped the run is over.


Then I tried an obstacle where I could follow the dog with the camera.  Well at least I finally see a whole dog.

This is Amanda’s dog Boone.


Ah…finally some success.

This is Amanda’s dog Wicca.

But by this time I was too frustrated to take anymore photos.  So I just sat back and enjoyed the action.

It was find to watch the dogs run and the Go Dog Go dogs did fantastic. I hope someday I will be able to compete.

I will be ordering a new camera but of course that doesn’t mean the photos will be any better.


4 thoughts on “Agility in the Mountains

  1. You know why you only caught half of Kaleb … ’cause he is so damn fast 🙂

    What a great post Michelle, from the eyes of a spectator, LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Just think D-dog will be competing there someday!!

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