The Shepherd Within

On Sunday I took the dogs to a friend’s ranch for a visit. They love going to this place.  There are a million smells with room to run at their hearts content.  My friend has a German Shepherd who is related to mine.  So Davin got to hang out with two shepherds. I have been sensing an identity crisis coming on for sometime now.


The host dog Ryder.  Davin is in love with him.


Ryder watching the city dogs run around checking things out.  They’re acting like, well…city dogs.


Of course what’s a ranch experience without the spa.  Oops I mean swamp.  And that water was muddy!


Then of course there’s always the touristy photo op to prove you were here.


But then I knew that I had stayed too long.  The ear is up, he is starting to lose control of who he really is.


Free, free at last to be a shepherd, a German Shepherd.

I wonder if I should break it to him gently that he is an Australian Shepherd?


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