The Last Trip?

On the weekend I decided to go kayaking on Crowsnest Lake.  The day was beautiful on Saturday but a little windy.  This lake can be quite windy and therefore wavy but I thought that I would give it a try anyway.  Who knows this could be my last trip of the season.


The day started off quite nice.  The dogs were anxious to get going.


In this part of the country the leaves mostly turn yellow in the fall so it’s nice to see some other colors.


I was mostly sticking to the coves along the lake as the middle of the lake was getting rougher.

This is what I found in one of the coves. There are several old cabins in this area.  Now I am curious and will try to find out why they are here.  There used to be an old Chinese camp somewhere around here.  The Chinese were part of the railway building through this area. I’m not sure if this would be part of that or maybe old trapper’s cabins.  Hmm…a mystery to explore.


As we headed out of the last cove, the wind was really starting to howl and the waves were really getting high.  I tried to round this point but the waves were trying to slam me into the shore and I wasn’t making any headway.  Also trying to balance between the waves and Davin on the back of the kayak it’s a wonder that I even stayed upright. I don’t want to work this work at it and besides it was getting somewhat risky.  Crowsnest Lake is not a lake to fool around with and by this time even the coves had become rough so I turned around but at least I was riding the waves on the way back.

Of course I was thinking about the sea monster that surely must be in this lake when a head popped up beside my boat.  And like the girl that I am I screeched.   I have to check this out but I’m pretty sure it was an Otter.  He kept popping up close to the boat and checking things out.  I couldn’t get a picture because of the waves.  At one point I heard some loud chirping and so looked behind me and there was a family of Otters all bobbing in the water looking at me.  It was so cool…I’ve never seen Otters in the wild before.


Crowsnest Mountain

I was wet and frozen by the time I got back but the trip was worth it because of the things I had seen.


2 thoughts on “The Last Trip?

  1. i had no idea there were otters in the lake?? hmmm there could be sea monsters too!

    the little cabin is neat, wonder if it is a trapper cabin or one from the railway builders?? cool

    glad you got out of there oK!

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