Just Peachy

Our renovations are coming along after much hard work.  We gutted the top floor and two main floor rooms.  This house was built with many boards and now we have a yard and alley full of them.  We had to get the electrical done as the house was still using the old knob and tube wiring.  We mostly had only two prong plug-ins.  Not fun in this day and age.

With the walls torn down and no insulation it has been cold, cold, cold.  We’ve probably had the coldest October that I can remember.  Finally today was the big day.  Insulation!  We had decided to go with the expanding foam insulation because the house was built with boards which equals a lot of gaps.


It was instantly 20 degrees warmer


This is my room/bedroom


I will see this first thing when I wake up.

I feel like I am living inside a giant peach.

Or maybe fluffy cotton candy.


Apparently it is hard on the eyes.


Water Bottle

In September I finished my agility class with Davin.  We received a nice certificate and a water bottle.   I always enjoy getting a certificate to show for my efforts and it is also something nice to put in the photo album.  That is if I ever put one together.  But the highlight was receiving the water bottle.  I had waited all summer to get one of these bottles.  With envy in my eyes I would watch people drink from them.  I was sure that they had some sort of connections that I didn’t.  Then the day finally came.  My own Go Dog Go water bottle.


It’s official.

But then I think there was a misunderstanding on Davin’s part.  He must of thought my long-awaited bottle was his reward for a job well done.  After all I since I received the certificate shouldn’t he receive something as well?


Oh No! My long-awaited water bottle!

Just got munched by a bad puppy, I mean dog.


It never even had water in it yet.  Oh well at least Davin sort of enjoyed it.

Fall Hike

We have been so busy with our house renos that I haven’t had much time for fun things.  So today I decided to go for a long hike.  Hiking is relaxing for me and I love being in the forest.  It was a great warm fall day after all the cold and snow that we have had.


Are we going this way?


We just randomly followed trails with no destination in mind.


This is not a very good photo but the timing was right.  We were in a gully and the forest was dim and spooky here.


Of course what is a hike without the usual spa. Ice floes at no extra charge.


And what’s a day out without fine dining?


It was great to get out and enjoy the fresh air and the company of the dogs.  I hope there are more days like this before winter settles in.

Winter Already

It’s only October and already the snow is falling.  Well…really it’s dumping.  I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland.


It’s way too early to be facing this.

Notice the snow covered kayak. Sadness.


The dogs on the other hand love it.  Ande spend all morning rolling in it.


Yum! Yum!  Davin spent the morning eating it in between the zoomies.


In fact I was late for work because Davin didn’t want to come into the house.  He was being a total brat.

I on the other hand just wanted to hibernate!

Oh yeah, it’s only 78 more sleeps til Christmas.

Family Fun

A few weeks ago when the weather was still nice I took Davin to visit some of his family.  Of course once again I was taking a citified dog to a ranch.


Davin with his sister. It takes him a few minutes of looking around in amazement at all the biggish animals that are around.


We took the dogs for a walk around the ranch and that’s when he discovered the fun of round bales.

Let the games begin!


Jerzee showing Davin how to run the bales.


The chase is on and on…


Davin is already taller then his dad. . I’m not sure what’s going on with Davin’s ears.


Davin with his dad.  It was a great day.  I can’t wait for summer to come again.