Water Bottle

In September I finished my agility class with Davin.  We received a nice certificate and a water bottle.   I always enjoy getting a certificate to show for my efforts and it is also something nice to put in the photo album.  That is if I ever put one together.  But the highlight was receiving the water bottle.  I had waited all summer to get one of these bottles.  With envy in my eyes I would watch people drink from them.  I was sure that they had some sort of connections that I didn’t.  Then the day finally came.  My own Go Dog Go water bottle.


It’s official.

But then I think there was a misunderstanding on Davin’s part.  He must of thought my long-awaited bottle was his reward for a job well done.  After all I since I received the certificate shouldn’t he receive something as well?


Oh No! My long-awaited water bottle!

Just got munched by a bad puppy, I mean dog.


It never even had water in it yet.  Oh well at least Davin sort of enjoyed it.


3 thoughts on “Water Bottle

  1. HAHAHA!!! that is awesome!

    when are you in Leth next .. I’ll give you a new one

    …. and Davin will get 30 minutes detention next class lol

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