Just Peachy

Our renovations are coming along after much hard work.  We gutted the top floor and two main floor rooms.  This house was built with many boards and now we have a yard and alley full of them.  We had to get the electrical done as the house was still using the old knob and tube wiring.  We mostly had only two prong plug-ins.  Not fun in this day and age.

With the walls torn down and no insulation it has been cold, cold, cold.  We’ve probably had the coldest October that I can remember.  Finally today was the big day.  Insulation!  We had decided to go with the expanding foam insulation because the house was built with boards which equals a lot of gaps.


It was instantly 20 degrees warmer


This is my room/bedroom


I will see this first thing when I wake up.

I feel like I am living inside a giant peach.

Or maybe fluffy cotton candy.


Apparently it is hard on the eyes.


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