Fun Day

Today I took the dogs to the Cowley hall for some fun training.  I did some obedience with Davin to start with.  He was very distracted to begin with.  There were a lot of great smells on the mats. And I’m sure he thought that there was great opportunity for play with all the other dogs there.  After a bit he was starting to focus more on me and actually was doing pretty good.  I was able to do some heeling and stays.  I must say though that this is the first dog I’ve had where the sit stays seem to be easier than the down stays.  He doesn’t seem to like laying down for longer then two seconds.  I will need to work on that for sure.  I also worked a bit on acceleration towards a target.  Hmmm…apparently I still need to get more exciting.  Something else to work on.


You said what? Lie down?

I did a couple of rally-o runs with Ande.  It’s been a few years since I have done rally. I find it takes a lot concentration with all the multitasking I need to do with rally.  Ande did really well but I’m not sure how well I did.  She seemed quite relaxed which pleased me the most. It’s probably been about a year since she has been out to an event.

Then I tried Davin with some restrained calls over two jumps.  We have done this in agility training so he had some idea of what to do.  Next thing he did was run up to a scent hurdle box with a little food on it.  I was very happy at how well he did this. He didn’t know the person at the box but that didn’t seem to freak him at all. And when I called him back to me running, he actually listened!

It was a fun day for both me and the dogs.


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