Snowshoe Fun

We have a lot of snow already.  And if we have it, I might as well have fun in it.  Although most days I’d rather be somewhere warm.  Anyway I packed up the dogs the other day and snowshoeing we went.  It was a great day with no wind and just the right temperature, about -12 c.  The dogs just loved it.

The sun was trying to shine with no success.

First there was the serious business of digging a hole.  Business before pleasure.

On the lookout for the German Shepherd because…

The German Shepherd could be camouflaged!

And when there is a German Shepherd on your tail you’d better run…fast!

And when I fall I need to get up in a hurry or else the big pounce will happen.  Needless to say I didn’t get up fast enough.

After three and a half hours of snowshoeing we all needed a nap.


Way Too Cold

These days have been very, very cold and snowy.  It’s hard to be outside for any length of time when the temperature is in the – 20’s Celsius or lower.  So I don’t spend too much time out doors when it’s this cold.  I’m sure various body parts will snap off when it’s this frigid outside.  I’ve always had this secret fear that the tops of my ears will snap off when they freeze up.  I have never been brave enough to test my theory out.

What do you mean go out?  Don’t want to be freezing these pretty ears off!

This is the best place to be on a cold snowy day.

And this is the best thing to be doing.  I hope he leaves some room for me.

Bath and Zoom

Davin had a bath.  Well actually the whole bathroom had a bath.  I couldn’t take any photos because my hands were full trying to do damage control.  I got him into the tub simply by lifting him in.  He didn’t seem very happy about it but he just stood there for me. I turned on the water and so far so good. Then I started spraying him down and not so good.  He decided to leap out of the tub.  I grabbed for him and in the process dropped the shower head.  Well everything proceeded to get very wet including me.  Now I was holding on to a dripping wet dog in the middle of the bathroom with the shower head merrily spraying away.  I had to yell for help as two hands just weren’t enough.  I finally got him bathed and out the door.

Davin is very happy that the bath is over.

Then the zoomies start!  Whenever my dogs get wet they get the zoomies.

It takes special skill to take a picture of the zoomies with a point and shoot.  A skill I apparently don’t have.

After all the action he finally settles down to lick himself dry.  And time for me to mop up the bathroom.

I guess I need to bathe Davin more often.