Snowshoe Fun

We have a lot of snow already.  And if we have it, I might as well have fun in it.  Although most days I’d rather be somewhere warm.  Anyway I packed up the dogs the other day and snowshoeing we went.  It was a great day with no wind and just the right temperature, about -12 c.  The dogs just loved it.

The sun was trying to shine with no success.

First there was the serious business of digging a hole.  Business before pleasure.

On the lookout for the German Shepherd because…

The German Shepherd could be camouflaged!

And when there is a German Shepherd on your tail you’d better run…fast!

And when I fall I need to get up in a hurry or else the big pounce will happen.  Needless to say I didn’t get up fast enough.

After three and a half hours of snowshoeing we all needed a nap.


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