Snowball Dogs

It’s amazing around here how one day it is -20 c and the next day it is +5 c.   Of course me and the dogs had to go and enloy the great outdoors on New Years Day.

I never get tired of the scenery around here.

The snow is quite deep. But that’s good since it gives the dogs a good workout.

With warm weather and deep snow there happens to be a slight problem.


Apparently Davin finds them annoying.  At every opportunity he drops and starts ripping them out of his fur.

But really it is a lost cause.  They just keep growing.

If you are little, you will actually start turning into a snowman.  Much to Tim’s relief we were able to stop the process just in the nick of time.

As Davin looked on in amazement.

Shortly after we got home the house seemed a little too quiet.  Quiet can mean that Davin is up to no good so I went searching for him. I guess my bed is the most comfy place in the house for a tuckered out dog.


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