Agility Class

Last night I went to my agility class.  The drive was fine until we started getting closer to the city.  Then suddenly I was driving in a thick, heavy, icy fog.  So I just slowed down considerably and all was well.  It does keep the drive from getting boring.

During this class we did some straight line jumping over four jumps.  I was happy with how Davin performed with this excercise.  His jumping hasn’t always been the best.  He tends to be lazy (I think) and knock bars.  He seems to be knocking less bars at the moment.  He also worked well on both the left and right sides.

Then a pin wheel was added to the jump sequence at the end with four more straight line jumps.  Uhmm…He didn’t do too bad but kept wanting to run where the food originally was for the last exercise and therefore missing the pin wheel jump towards the last sequence.   When we changed sides he started missing/avoiding some of the jumps.  This is where I notice that my handling and timing generally sucks. 

We went on to do front crosses.  By this time I think that I was starting to lose Davin’s attention.  We were in two groups and when I would start the excercise Davin would run over to the other group where Amanda was. We switched groups and he did a little better.  When then moved on to rear crosses and for sure my timing and handling sucked.

Over all I thought Davin did pretty good and I am learning lots about timing and handling.  It was a fun night except for the drive back home in the fog.


2 thoughts on “Agility Class

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