Enjoying the Sun

It has been warm and sunny here all week but I just haven’t had time to enjoy it.  I decided to take a break on Saturday to go hiking with the dogs and enjoy the sun and the plus 5 c temperatures that we’ve had.

The clouds were hanging low around the B.C. border.  But there was barely a cloud in the sky here.  It was so warm the snow was melting away.  It’s amazing the weather we have had for February.

The dogs were enjoying the sun as well. One of the very few decent pictures I have been able to take of Ande on a bright winter day.

They were running more than usual.

I wonder if the rays made Davin a little more crazed. The pieces that make up his head all seem to be doing their own thing.

I ended up hiking for about four hours, longer than I intended but I enjoyed every minute of it.

This Sunday morning I went to Lethbridge for some search and rescue training and it was like entering a different world. Like the world was black and white.  It was also very foggy and cold.  There was hoar-frost on everything including me by the time I left.

It was nice to come home to the sun.



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