Creston, dogs and hockey

I played in a hockey tournament this past long weekend.  I decided to take Davin on a road trip.  I like going to Creston in the summer and the fall when the fruit and veggies are ready.  Creston in the winter is not so fun.  But the hockey was great and to top it off our team won the tournament.  Davin is from Creston so I went with Davin’s dad’s owner, who also plays hockey, to drop in to see his birth owner as well as his mother.  We ended up seeing one of his brothers as well.

Davin’s mom “Zip”

Davin’s brother “Tonka”.  He is a handsome boy.

And he seems pretty happy-go-lucky.

Tonka and Davin “let’s play!”

Dad, mom and the brothers.

It was a great few days in Creston even with all the muck and rain.


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