Really Big Dog Agility

Today Davin and I went on a road trip to the city for some SAR training.  Of course when aren’t we doing a road trip.  The weather was great but I’m wondering how long this can last for.

Today we were training around the Fort Whoop Up area. I hope there weren’t any wood ticks there. I hate wood ticks!

After the search and tracking stuff we went over to the police agility training area. They have some pretty serious looking obstacles.

This sloping, swinging tunnel is made of corrugated steel drainage pipe .

He was great trying out the new surface.

Now this is one hard-core jump!

Please don’t make me do it! If I close my eyes it’s not there, right?

We won’t even talk about the teeter.

Disclaimer: no animals were harmed and no scary obstacles were attempted in the making of this blog post.


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