Hiking can be dangerous

The other day when I was out hiking with the dogs I was reminded about how dangerous hiking can be in this area.  I guess that I am so used to it I hardly think about it until I see the rare sign that is still posted.

This whole area was built because of coal and there are mine workings almost everywhere I hike.  It is hard to avoid it.  There are miles and miles of mine tunnels throughout the area.

So I gathered the troops for a chat about the dangers except only one stuck around for the lecture.

Humans and dogs must watch where they are walking or running.  There are deep, deep holes around.

This is one of the smaller holes.  I have seen holes larger then this.  Whenever I come across them I drop a rock down the hole to hear it drop.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.   I’m not sure if these are air shafts or what.  But they sure are scary.

Ande scouting out the territory.

When I wasn’t watching out for holes I was enjoying the scenery.  This is Blairmore down the valley.

And of course Turtle Mountain and the Frank Slide. The largest landslide in Canada where 82 millions tonnes of limestone fell.

It was a great day and thankfully no one fell into a hole never to be found again.


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