Hi Gramma

I wished we lived closer to each other.

Thank you for the music and for you.



A big splash in the water …

means a big splash on the land.

Wubba Wars

Today was a very warm spring day.  It was about +20.  Of course warm weather means yard work needs to be done.  And when the day gets too warm, it’s time to take a break and head for the lake.

I bought a Wubba for the dogs to chase instead of sticks. Of course I only have one and apparently it was well liked.

The war is on.

Can you guess who is going to win?

Looks can be deceiving.

Davin almost always wins or so he thinks.  Ande usually gives it up to him.

And to top off the victory…the death shake.

After the break it was back to work. sigh

Big Bird

One of questions I get asked often is whether or not I am afraid of the animals in the forest when I go walking.  I have seen a moose here and there. I always see lots of deer and squirrels.  I rarely have ever seen a bear.  But I’m sure that they are never far away.  I have to say I don’t usually have any fear of the animals I encounter.

But maybe I should be afraid.

What bird has feet this big?  Maybe it’s the birds and not the bears I have to worry about!

Citified Forest

I love walking in the forest with my dogs and they love it too.  There are plenty of trees and mountains where I walk.

On Sunday I went to the city to have lunch with a friend and afterward we took Davin and a couple of her dogs for a walk. It’s always nice to take him to a new place for a walk. I always enjoy a change of scenery myself.  The area here is very different than what I usually walk in. There certainly is space to run and I can almost always see my dog.

I think there are trees way in the distance. But it could be a mirage.  Kind of like seeing water in a desert.

But wouldn’t you know it, in the end I was able to walk through a forest after all.  A citified forest that is.

The best part…it was a beautiful day and the dogs had a great time as did I.

Thanks Amanda for the walk and the photos!