Citified Forest

I love walking in the forest with my dogs and they love it too.  There are plenty of trees and mountains where I walk.

On Sunday I went to the city to have lunch with a friend and afterward we took Davin and a couple of her dogs for a walk. It’s always nice to take him to a new place for a walk. I always enjoy a change of scenery myself.  The area here is very different than what I usually walk in. There certainly is space to run and I can almost always see my dog.

I think there are trees way in the distance. But it could be a mirage.  Kind of like seeing water in a desert.

But wouldn’t you know it, in the end I was able to walk through a forest after all.  A citified forest that is.

The best part…it was a beautiful day and the dogs had a great time as did I.

Thanks Amanda for the walk and the photos!


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