Wubba Wars

Today was a very warm spring day.  It was about +20.  Of course warm weather means yard work needs to be done.  And when the day gets too warm, it’s time to take a break and head for the lake.

I bought a Wubba for the dogs to chase instead of sticks. Of course I only have one and apparently it was well liked.

The war is on.

Can you guess who is going to win?

Looks can be deceiving.

Davin almost always wins or so he thinks.  Ande usually gives it up to him.

And to top off the victory…the death shake.

After the break it was back to work. sigh


One thought on “Wubba Wars

  1. I love the death shake. Lacey is always quite dramatic about it. Coulee just does little “polite” ones or big slow sweeping ones. She’d never survive in the wild. LOL.

    Have fun in the yard! I’m just pretending my doesn’t exist.

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