In Between Rainy Days

We have had a very rainy spring this year.  The lakes are brimming with water.  I have tried to take advantage of the sun when it decides to show up.

It was a perfect day and Crowsnest Lake was actually calm which is rare.

We stopped at a place on the north shore of the lake called “The Cave”.  I couldn’t get into the cave because the water is now roaring out of it.  This water source is known as “the source of the Old Man River”.  Back in the day that’s what the Crowsnest River was called.  At one time there was a very large sign that proclaimed this fact.  I don’t know what happened to the sign.

Next we paddled to the opposite shore and me and the dogs did some exploring. I wasn’t wearing the proper shoes and was scrambling up the rocks in my sandals.  The dogs of course were like Mountain Goats hanging off the ledges.

Davin mostly didn’t do this.

He mostly did this.  Apparently the water is way too cold for him.


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