City Dogs

I love hiking and it’s even better when I get to hike with friends.

And there is plenty to see in the Crowsnest Pass.

Davin was more than happy to show the city dogs how a mountain dog lives.

First there was an introduction to what the local citizens leave behind.

And of course on a hot day some fresh mountain water is always appreciated.

And when you’re really hot the same water can cool your belly!

What’s a hike without stopping once in a while and taking in the view.

Pixel found a seat with a view.

And to end the hike, a nice refreshing splash in the river.

I think the city dogs had a lot of fun although I did hear the humans saying ‘bad Davin’ on occasion.


Talking to Objects

On occasion I have been known to talk to inanimate objects.  Especially when I get frustrated with them.  The two objects I talk to the most are computers and my sister’s point and shoot camera.  I love to take photos but it can be a very frustrating experience with this type of camera.  Particularly when the subjects are moving at a fast pace.  Often my conversations go something like this…

Hurry camera!  Take the picture! Please, take the picture!

As I am depressing the button and waiting for the camera to think about it.

Oh crap…stupid camera. I hate this camera.

As the dogs are long gone by the time the camera takes the picture.

I’m sure that I have missed many national geographic moment type photos with the point and shoot.  In fact I miss the moment entirely. In fact I have an entire computer full of after moments.

But no more.  Thanks to friends and family and a year and a half worth of saving up I was finally  able to buy a new camera last week.  I’m so excited.  I bought a Canon EOS Rebel T2i.

Except now I won’t be able to blame the camera for my bad shots.

Now if I could only figure out how to work it.

Busy Weekend Part Two

On Sunday my sister, niece and nephew in law and I went to Waterton Lakes National Park.  It is only about an hour from where I live.  I wanted to go kayaking on Cameron Lake for some time now and with my niece and nephew down we decided to pack up a picnic and go kayak.  Oh and we left the dogs home much to their howling dismay.  The day started out beautiful but of course with the crappy weather we’ve had all summer I know the sun won’t last.

At the start of our trip.  This is where we are headed to.

Beautiful views along the way.

Finally at the other end of the lake. The scenery was spectacular.

And of course, the black clouds start rolling in when we are at the opposite end of the lake.

We started paddling back way faster but there was no out running the weather.  The rain and thunder started which then became a full-fledged storm.  There was lightning flashing all around and here we are in the middle of the lake.  My sister was sure she was about to get struck by lighting.  The wind picked up which meant now we were also paddling against the waves.  Then the rain turned into a torrential downpour.  I’m just glad it wasn’t hail.  That would have hurt!  By the time we made it to shore we were a sorry-looking group of people.  I won’t show you that picture.  Even though the weather turned crappy we had a fun day.

I can’t wait to go back, hopefully when the weather is better.

Busy Weekend Part One

In between the thunder storms and torrential downpours and sometimes during them I had a busy but fun weekend.  I even learned a few things.  Well actually I learned a lot.  On Saturday I headed to Lethbridge to take part in an agility seminar.  The seminar was learning about agility games, Snooker and Gamblers that is.   I had an idea about Gamblers but had no clue what Snooker was.

Part of the course.

Who knew agility was so complicated!  What happened to running around in a circle with my dog jumping over things.  And my only worry was tripping and falling.  Now I have to multitask; think on my feet, watch my dog, watch my body language and who knows what else that I can’t remember and still worry about tripping and falling.  Did I sign up for this?  Apparently I did.  In between all the frustrations I am enjoying working with my dog.  Working with your dog is a great way to learn about yourself as well as your dog.  The seminar was a great learning experience and the instructors were/are awesome!