Cold Cold Water

On Sunday I decided to take a few hours to go to Waterton Lakes National Park.  Of course it was the worse day of the summer weather wise.  It had snowed on the mountains there but then again it snowed on the hills where I live as well.

I threw a small stick into the water for Davin to fetch but he doesn’t seem to be a fan of swimming in really cold water.  If there is another way to get the stick without swimming he will try it.  He spotted some rocks.

They seemed like a perfect solution to his dilemma.

And when you run out of rocks you can always try walking on the water.

He’s good but he’s not that good.

In the end he did have to swim to get the stick.


Where’s the Dog?

I finally had a day off today and so I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and take Davin for a hike.  Ande had to stay home as she is recuperating from an injury.  I left her with a big bone but I could hear her crying when I was leaving.  It sucks for her and I felt really bad.  I better get used to it since she needs rest for six weeks!

The thing is that I hardly saw Davin during this hike.  The vegetation is so high from all the rain we’ve had this summer.

And it’s hard to hike in this stuff because I can’t see what’s under my feet.

Of course there were plenty of fallen logs for him to stand on if he needed to check things out.

It was a fairly warm day, about 21 degrees, but to Davin it was unbearably hot.  There was no water where we were but as we were walking along he found a very small pool of water that had collected in a rock. I guess he thought it was great for cooling off his feet.

And apparently his butt was hot as well!