Where’s the Dog?

I finally had a day off today and so I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and take Davin for a hike.  Ande had to stay home as she is recuperating from an injury.  I left her with a big bone but I could hear her crying when I was leaving.  It sucks for her and I felt really bad.  I better get used to it since she needs rest for six weeks!

The thing is that I hardly saw Davin during this hike.  The vegetation is so high from all the rain we’ve had this summer.

And it’s hard to hike in this stuff because I can’t see what’s under my feet.

Of course there were plenty of fallen logs for him to stand on if he needed to check things out.

It was a fairly warm day, about 21 degrees, but to Davin it was unbearably hot.  There was no water where we were but as we were walking along he found a very small pool of water that had collected in a rock. I guess he thought it was great for cooling off his feet.

And apparently his butt was hot as well!



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