Once again I headed into the forest for a walk.  It ended up being a more of a workout than I wanted.

After the snow storm and the fierce winds we had the snow had piled into deep drifts.  Each foot step was a chore and resulted in snow getting into my boots.

As a child I used to watch the show ‘Kung Fu’.  For some reason the saying ‘walk lightly Grasshopper’ 0r some such thing, has stuck in my mind.  So there I was trying to walk lightly on the snow so I wouldn’t sink.   Well it mostly didn’t work.

The dogs were having their own issues with the snow.  When it got too much Davin would pull the snowballs out of his feet.

Oh, and I see that I will be cutting toenails tomorrow.


Dirty Feet

Tonight was the first night back to agility after a few months break.  During the winter agility is held in an indoor riding arena.  One of the great things about it is that it’s heated.  And there are plenty of interesting things about the place.  The first thing that I noticed when I walked into the place was the smell.  It smelled like, well…horses.  Which is not unpleasant but, well…strong.  There are horses in the stalls.  But what I liked the best is the rooster that was continually cock-a-doodle-doo-ing even though it was night-time.

Since this was the first night I was convinced that Davin wouldn’t be doing agility at all.  Considering that it is a soft dirt floor with all those horsey smells, I had visions of him spending the whole time sniffing around.  When I first went in that was exactly what he did.  So I let him snuff around a bit and let him satisfy his curiosity.  Then I brought out the treats and to my surprise he focused on me.

What was even more surprising was how well he did.  He was jumping well and with enthusiasm.   His weaves were really good as well.  There was one point though when we changed stations he did something weird.  For the first time in agility he ran away from me.  He did this three times before I was able to refocus him to the job at hand.  I’m not quite sure what happened but it could have been one of two things, the teeter or Amanda.  He spotted the teeter and wanted to run it or he wanted to go visit Amanda who was at the teeter.  Personally I think he got excited when he had seen Amanda at the teeter and so wanted to do it and see her at the same time.

It was a fun night and it was great to be back doing agility.  But, wow, did my feet ever get dirty.  Is there horse poop in that dirt?  Eeww…